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Never let it die

Stemming from opposite sides of the country, Guitarists Trey Swain and Krys Escobar were brought together through winning a nationwide
Guitar Center contest held by Synyster Gates of Avenged Sevenfold in 2014. Shortly after meeting in California,
they fully dedicated to creating a hybrid style of rock/metal by moving to Music City.

Based in Nashville, TN, Archeons was born through a shared passion, to achieve a life on their own terms. Through thick and thin, the members stand by
each other’s side and continue to work towards their common goal and hopefully along the way, inspire others to do the same.


About the band

Musically, Archeons is a melting pot of all the member’s influences.


Chris Huff Archeons Influence


sets the stage with gritty, melodic vocals reminiscent of Chester Bennington (Linkin Park) and Spencer Sotello (Periphery). His influences have allowed him to create beautiful and compelling vocal melodies and harmonies that continue to get better with every song.

Ryan Sebold Archeons Influence


brings high energy and technically alluring cymbal work from his love of punk rock. Blink-182 and Travis Barker continue to influence his play style. Ryan knows when to let a song breathe and when it's his time to shine.

Trey Swain Archeons Influence


Krys Escobar Archeons Influence


equally share a love for dueling guitars inspired by early Avenged Sevenfold and intricate riffs from influences like Memphis May Fire and Periphery. They also have a special place for breakdowns as much as any metal lovers born in the 90s.


Meet Archē

Based on the Egyptian god Anubis, Archē symbolizes the transition from life to death, or the sacrifices one must make to transcend the mundane and ordinary. As the jackal-headed god who guided souls to the afterlife, Anubis represents change and the journey from the familiar to the unknown. To “escape the monotony of the world” and pursue greater purpose or meaning, we must let go of what we know and venture into new territory, just as Anubis led souls into the afterlife. This transition is rarely easy, but it is necessary to evolve and reach our full potential. Like Anubis, Archē signifies the transformation that comes from confronting difficult change.


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